Testimonial 3, 2021

“With the world deeply absorbed in the covid outbreak , a shingles outbreak was the last illness concerning me. So when it attacked literally overnight, without warning and in a very sensitive area on my body, I was completely unprepared for the intense pain it caused. I immediately sought treament with my doctor with both antiviral and steroid to mitigate the disease however nothing was recommended to use to soothe , calm and heal the incredibly painful sores. After extensive research, I was skeptical that anything could relieve the intense pain but was so desperate for relief and sleep, I purchased Terrasil. From the first application, it sent immediate and soothing relief to my suffering skin allowing me to feel somewhat “normal” for the first time in days. I have been applying it daily and it has made this horrible disease bearable. Literally a miracle cream! Thank You!” **

** Results may vary